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hello nathan, first of all, i will like to tell you that i am really impressed with your blog, i just learnt that you are also a cma student (i have cma). is it possible for you to send me the details of your blog like your email id,contact number etc. i would love to have a chat with you. thanking you n

hi nathan you are doing a great job so far. i wanted to ask you a question. i have passed my cma part 1 in aug. 2016 but i am unable to pass the cma part 2 due to poor time management and preparations. i have passed the course twice but always fail on cma part 2. i am always bad at cma part 2. i have gone through your material, will you please let me know what are the regular steps that we need to follow for the exam and how much time it should take i need to study one week before the exam as my exam is just 2 days. thank you so much in advance!

hello nathan, i would like to share with you what i did to pass my cma. i took time to do my homework. i made a plan and i did everything according to that plan. when i sat for the exam i had no knowledge and it was very easy. thanks for sharing with us!

my name is n ravi, i am working as a ca in a private limited company from past 3 years. i found your blog by random and i am very happy to read the content. i am a ca student and i am searching for the best book to prepare for cma us and i have to select a book for ca. i am now searching for an ideal online course for cma. i am planning to buy ca text book but it is very expensive. can you suggest a cheap book for ca with us. your blog is helping me a lot. thanks a lot 3d9ccd7d82


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