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Where To Buy Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress


Because the foam feels slightly dense, some lightweight people may not sink into the mattress enough. This could cause many side sleepers to feel some pressure along their shoulders and hips. People who weigh closer to 200lbs, however, should feel nice body contouring in this sleeping position.

Heavier back sleepers should get decent support from the Perfect Sleeper plush model, but most people will prefer the firm option. Heavier side sleepers will likely compress the memory foam layers and feel nice pressure point relief, but those who weigh closer to 300lbs may need some additional cushioning. Instead, people in this category should take a look at one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

With our extensive collection of mattress sets from Serta, you're bound to find the perfect fit for you. Shop mattresses by comfort level, from traditional firm to extra cushioning in pillow top or plush styles. A queen mattress is a great fit for so many spaces, all available at fantastic Big Lots low prices. A full mattress is perfect for smaller spaces or individual sleepers. Find a full mattress or set at a great low price. Splurge on a queen mattress or king mattress for ultimate comfort that will last you for years.

Available in a range of firmness levels, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night provides versatile comfort and support for nearly any type of sleeper. Our testing team found that this mattress performed especially well for sleepers weighing over 130 pounds. Combined with free shipping, free returns, and a 10-year limited warranty, the Renewed Night represents an excellent value.

Our goal is to help you choose the right mattress for your needs. We do this by conducting a wide range of hands-on tests in our sleep lab. Our testing methodology covers key performance metrics and includes input from sleepers with a diverse set of body sizes and sleep styles.

Finding the right firmness level for your needs depends on your bodyweight, favorite sleep position, and personal comfort preferences. For example, sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds often prefer a firm mattress because of the added support, while those under 130 typically prefer a softer feel.

Mattresses with memory foam comfort layers can sometimes make a sleeper feel like they are sinking or stuck in one position. However, the Renewed Night Mattress makes it fairly easy to move. While the mattress lacked significant responsiveness, our testers were able to change sleep positions and get in and out of bed without much trouble.

The company advises that customers keep mattresses on box springs, platform beds, or slatted bed frames where slates are not more than two inches apart. When you file a warranty claim, you will have to say what sort of frame the mattress is on, which to us indicates that using an unapproved base may negate the warranty.

Serta mattresses are especially created to prevent common problems during rest, such as excessive movement during sleep, lack of muscle and bone support, and wear. Thanks to the materials used, the mattress can also prevent temperature disparity and movement transfer. The Serta perfect Sleeper is available in innerspring, memory foam, and a mix of the two.

Serta offers a variety of mattress options including Innerspring, Hybrid and Memory Foam, all with varying firmness levels, including Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush, Pillowtop, and Super Pillowtop - a comfort style for every sleeper. Serta Mattresses are perfect for any occasion, whether you're shopping to replace an old mattress, looking for a perfect addition to a guest bedroom, or shopping for something adjustable base ready, Serta has the mattress you need.

While the SleepToGo mattress has a medium firmness, the Cocoon Chill is a medium-firm mattress. Most back and stomach sleepers prefer medium-firm beds, while side sleepers often enjoy the plush give of medium mattresses for optimal pressure relief.

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