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Google Classroom Sign In


Note: Due to privacy laws, parents and guardians can't access Classroom or student assignments. They can get email summaries if the teacher allows it. For details, go to About guardian email summaries.

There are multiple ways that students in your classes can sign in and access XtraMath. They can also use these methods in combination, for example a student might use the Classroom Sign In page at school, but Student Sign In at home.

If your students will be using shared classroom devices or computers, you may want to set up Classroom Sign In pages. These let students sign in by simply selecting their name from a list and entering their PIN. When a student is done with their session, the program picks another student to go next on the same device, making it easy for students to take turns with minimal teacher intervention.

The first time that a student clicks the Google button on the Student Sign In page to sign in, they will need to provide their XtraMath credentials. This establishes the link between their Google account and their XtraMath account. After that first time, it should work automatically.

Teachers can sign in, sync classes, and roster students using Google and Google Classrooms. Use this Getting Started Guide to walk you through the steps and FAQs of using Newsela with Google Classroom.

After the assignment is created, a message that the assignment has been posted to your class will appear. Click the View button to view your class stream where you will see the assignment posted to your classroom.

Assignments created in Google or in Newsela only exist on that platform. We recommend creating an assignment in Newsela that corresponds to the assignment created in Google classroom to simplify grading and reporting. You can learn more about creating assignments here.

Newsela content can be searched and added into Google Classroom Instructional Activities directly from Google Classroom if you use Google Chrome. When you select Newsela content from within Google Classroom, no Newsela assignment is created. Students will be linked to the article, and complete the work as independent reading, unless you also assign the article in Newsela.

About MyLinkMyLink is powered by ClassLink and is a single sign-on platform that allows students, teachers and staff to use one username and password to access their digital resources and tools. Single sign-on is an essential tool for productive remote learning. MyLink is web-based and available from the classroom or at home from a computer or mobile device. MyLink offers a simple solution with a single sign-on, allowing for more time for instruction and classwork. Instead of navigating to different applications, users have everything they need in one sign-in location.

I'm logged in to MyLink! Now whatOnce signed in to MyLink, students can view all applications needed for school such as Sheldon On Demand site, Skyward Student, Google applications (like Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc.) and Zoom.

After successfully configuring SSO within the Adobe Admin Console, ensure that you clicked Download Adobe Metadata file and have saved the SAML XML Metadata file to your computer. Your identity provider requires this file to enable single sign-on. Import the XML configuration details properly into your identity provider (IdP). This is required for SAML integration with your IdP and will make sure that the data is configured properly. 59ce067264


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