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[S1E3] Love All, Trust Few


[S1E3] Love All, Trust Few

It should be noted that "Love All, Trust A Few" is a truncated portion of a sentence penned by Shakespeare. In he wrote, "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." Good advice taken from "All's Well That Ends Well," Act 1, Scene 1. Let's see if the Lyon family can handle Shakespeare's truth.

First of all, THANK you soo much for theses qoutes I absolutley love Criminal Minds and their qoutes. But I was wondering does Season 3 Episode 1 have any qoutes and also the very last episodes on season 7 Just asking. Thanks again for the qoutes! (-:

[Linda:] I am just so proud of the work we've done. She is so committed to excellence in everything she does every day. It's absolutely phenomenal. I would want her to know how much I enjoy and value the relationship that we have, how highly I think of her, how much I love working with her on a daily basis, how much I trust her, and how much I respect her. 59ce067264


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