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[S2E9] Summer Finale

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Though the finale begins with a sweet nod from Gamby to his pet project of sorts, Robin Shandrell (Conner McVicker), it quickly moves into revelations, confrontations, and a race against the clock (or, really, the tiger). Lee figures out who really shot Gamby just in time to get himself shot by Jen. Luckily, she only grazes the side of his head, and he recovers in time to help Gamby out of his own trap and race to the school in pursuit of Jen.

As Rebekah made her return with baby hope in "The Brothers That Care Forgot," her perceptions of Elijah will be explored as Esther and Mikael join forces to destroy their children in season two's ninth episode, "The Map of Moments" mid-season finale of "The Originals."

It seems as if Picard himself holds the key to salvation, as the season has repeatedly returned to a dark memory from his childhood that it seems he will have to reckon with. The Watcher (Orla Brady) is helping him retrieve those memories, but the clock is running out. Q has enlisted the help of disgraced scientist Doctor Adam Soong to eliminate Jean-Luc, and the Borg Queen has assimilated a team of mercenaries for him to command. The ending of Episode 9 deals with these various plot threads in a much-needed narrative jolt. Multiple plot points that have been slowly brewing are resolved in a packed episode that sends the show hurtling at warp speed toward the season finale.

Anything is possible, so it will be fascinating to see how the show navigates the maze of complexity it has built up over the course of Season 2. The season finale is sure to be one for the history books, but which history that will be remains a tantalizing mystery.

In that regard, using Arrow as the launch pad for the introduction of one of DC's more recognizable heroes with the Flash doesn't just feel like a move made in the interest of The CW and their upcoming programming schedule; it feels like a part of the natural progression of a world fans are likely interested in seeing open out. Last week's introduction of Grant Gustin's very green Barry Allen was the first major step in changing everything about the world Oliver Queen and his gradually expanding Team Arrow did all of their superheroing in. And in order to follow through on that, the mid-season finale had a great deal of heavy lifting to do. But rather than feel like a burden, it began to feel like the series was officially turning the page toward something different that still managed to feel like the natural progression of the Arrow narrative.

The CW has also announced the date of the season finale for All American. Along with Black Lightning, Season 2 will come to an end on Monday, March 9. Eight days after that date, the season is expected to drop on Netflix. Season one, meanwhile is already on the streaming service for fans who want more of the show to tide them over until January 2020.

First though, our character will have to get through the mid-season finale, "Life Goes On," which sees the cast reeling from the death of Corey (Chad L Coleman). Among the events of the mid-season finale are his funeral, which completely takes Spencer's (played by Daniel Ezra) mind off of his football career.

This surprise death left many fans emotional, something the Season 2 mid-season finale is sure to exploit. For example, one tweeted: "Ok I just went through half a box of tissues throughout that whole episode of #AllAmerican. WHY COREY WHY My heart broke once I seen him in that chair with the jersey."

We suppose that at least for now, the most important thing that we should note here is where the series stands right now amidst the larger picture. This is the final episode leading into the season finale and with that in mind, of course you should expect some big things to happen.

Unfortunately, Raised by Wolves was shorter this season than last season. The season 2 finale was season 2 episode 8. Yes, the second season was only eight episodes long, even though the first season was 10 episodes lon


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