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Having said that, I do think the pressure is coming from the right. Theyre trying to protect us from the ills of the world. For example, I dont think itd be good if we suddenly found ourselves with a large population of homogenous people who dont learn about foreign cultures and move around in our society. Over time, it isnt good for people to be homogenized into sameness, and thats one reason why the nuclear family and other family systems are dying out in the West. I think its also good for a society to have a strong and cohesive cultural identity. However, it isnt a good thing when this identity is defined entirely in terms of what people believe and how they are as believers. That can be oppressive. Its like being forced to define yourself in terms of your skin color or ethnicity or gender or whatever. It can be isolating.

You may not want to accept that human and machine learning is not a binary, all-or-nothing proposition. I think you can rely on human vision and their ability to generalize without being crushed by being forced to remember the exact details of the training set. So, at a minimum, you could take advantage of that basic fact, and still develop a useful AI, but then you would need to give up the notion that humans are superior at everything, not just guessing, but guess what would be an appropriate guess to make.

On the other hand, I think the same can be said for a lot of very smart, very insightful people. I think youd be a huge fool to discount the insights of your professional peers, especially if you did so for reasons of esthetics. The problem is that there is a dichotomy at work where conservatives and nationalists believe that the only way to get things done is to fight with everyone. Perhaps thats a reasonable approach to governance in places like Lebanon, but its not the US. On the one hand, they fight like hell against the evil liberals, and then on the other hand, they try to make things work with liberals by compromise and cooperation. And because Trump and Bannon have been much louder and more visible than the others, they tend to get the blame when things fail. 3d9ccd7d82


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