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Because I Love Her UNCENSORED Free Download

Because I Love Her UNCENSORED Free Download -

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The original version of the game (Darling Duality - Winter Wish) was a game I made for a combination of the Secret Santa Jam + the Winter VN Jam, based on a short story that I wrote called: Say My Name. It was created in just under 1 month and was the first game I made using Naninovel x Unity, so it was pretty tough trying to finish something to upload in time for the jam deadline while also learning how to use a new engine. The original jam version of the game can still be downloaded. Since then, I have made numerous changes to the current version to better reflect my future vision for the project :3If you're here because you saw ManlyBadassHero's video, and you're thinking of supporting the game's development, please check out this post I made first :3

Glad you like it so far :3 It's currently in development, so yeah, there will be more content for Castor/ia to come + more love interests added to the game as well :DIt's slow going though because my scope for the project is pretty big >.< I'm trying to focus on releasing things sort of episodically to make it easier to progress, but it's still slow cos I'm just 1 person, and quite often, my crappy mental health gets in the way of me being productive + I often feel the need to work on multiple projects at once or I end up burning out if I try to just stick to 1 thing, so that makes things even slower >.< It'll eventually be a full game though, hopefully with even more play time than my first full-length game (Solipsism Reigns).

Some people are talking about having a "free demo" version.. so can we pay to experience more of the game? How does that work; is it automatic if we just donate when downloading, and if so, how much do we have to donate?

It's because the game page and stuff has only very recently changed. Basically, prior to November this year, the only way to access the game was to make a $2 donation towards funding (or just ask for a free key or download for free at Christmas) but it was pretty much only a demo/game jam version of the game still because it's in development.

I was getting quite a few requests for free keys from people who couldn't afford to donate towards the project's funding, so it seemed silly to keep the downloads locked. Having the free demo makes it more easily accessible for anyone in its current state.

The 'demo' that's currently available, is the most up-to-date version of the game. The only version that has more content right now, is my private WIP version that's still in development. When there's significantly more content available, I'll most likely make a separate version of the more complete game for those who have donated towards funding its development while maintaining a free demo download. And, as always, I'll still give out keys to anyone who can't afford to donate. But right now, the demo is the only download available because there is no full game yet.

SPOILER : hello its me broke-ass back again after the free update, well i got a lot to say first of all i really like way game react after the glitching thing like (YOU CAN'T HIDE etc) and the weird game sounds but one thing made me drop the head phones you know it the lovey dovey sound =_= -1 though i like romance, got all ending (i guess) and i actually enjoyed the game (: in short 9/10

People love free steam games, no doubt. But what many people hate is downloading so many parts and trying to ins


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