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Before I proceed I will like to eulogize my wonderful personal experience with motioninjoy. From my previous post, you should know by now that am an ardent game lover. I have a Logitech generic gamepad and an original PlayStation 3 keypad. my generic keypad worked well with most games except GTA IV, ASSASSIN CREED III, CRISIS, & HITMAN ABSOLUTION and a host of other game titles that are Xbox gamepad-exclusives. The good news is that I will be teaching you how you can configure & use motioninjoy gamepad tool to emulate any pc gamepad of your choice.

Gladly, this is where motioninjoy comes in. It will simply convert your Generic gamepad to emulate the Microsoft Xbox 360 game controller. In other words, as long as you have a good gamepad, you can easily use it. 59ce067264


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