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Cort Guitar Serial Number Checker

A. This is a common question we see quite regularly on the forums. Cort model serial numbers are usually found on the headstock of the guitar and can often be used to identify the date of manufacture. The most common current dating system has been in place since around 2000 and is YYMMXXXX. Thus, a serial number reading 02046572 means the guitar most likely manufactured in April 2002. In early 2005 Cort serial numbers gained an extra identification digit, and so some models manufactured after this date are in the style of YYMMXXXXX. The older known dating system was implemented in the early 90

Cort Guitar Serial Number Checker

If it's a genuine Cort Source (their most recent 335 style semi-hollowbody that I'm aware of) the serial number is usually on the back of the headstock. If it's an earlier model, I'm not sure where you might find it if it's not located there - maybe there's a label inside one of the f-holes? That's where the serial number is located on my 2001 Epiphone Casino. It's also possible Cort did something similar, but the label may have come off at some point in time. I really don't know for certain. You might want to use the link Daddymack posted earlier in the thread and contact Cort and see if they can provide you any additional info. 350c69d7ab


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