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Ample Metal Ray5

Ample Bass AMR is a virtual bass based on samples of the Stingray 5 Classic, a 5 String Electric Bass sounding hard and bright. The Library has 3.3 GB samples, all recorded in 44.1 kHz and 24 bit quality. Ample Bass AMR offers all common playing varieties such as Slap, Fingered & Slides. Features include the built-in tab player, which can load all popular tabular formats, as well as the "riffer 2" adjusting your basslines to the desired genre through a large selection of presets.

Ample Metal Ray5


Ample Bass AMR ist ein virtueller Bass, der auf Samples eines Stingray 5 Classic basiert. Die Library verfügt über 3.3 GB Samples, allesamt in 44.1 kHz und in 24 Bit Aufnahmetiefe. Desweiteren bietet Ample Bass AMR alle gängigen Spielarten wie z.B. Slap, Fingered & Slides.

It is an almost 6 GB sampled library with tons of features and options based on the Schecter Hellraiser 9-string guitar. Many guitarists know this famous USA brand as one of the top electric guitar manufacturers in the world.

You can change the character of the sound in the plugin based on the variety of amps and cabs emulation. For example, with the Metal Double amp, you get the most aggressive Modern Metal tone. Jazz 120, 65 Twang, and 57 Delight will be suitable for clean tones.

Ample Metal Hellrazer is the perfect plugin for getting both rhythm and solo modern metal guitar tones in MIDI conditions. The sampling quality here is excellent that you can hardly distinguish the sound from a real person playing a real instrument.

Solemn Tones is a company based in Vilvoorde, Belgium, that has already won over metal fans with a wide range of plugins. Their product range includes everything you need for music production: clippers, reverbs, saturators, compressors, MIDI electric guitars and basses, and drum groove libraries.

As for Loki Bass 2, this MIDI plugin is based on samples of the famous Dingwall NG2 Bass, a signature model of Adam Nolly from Periphery. And this already says a lot because the band is one of the founders of Djent. They made a massive impact on the development of modern metal in general.

Solemn Tones created samples of the plugin through a world-class recording chain. You can hear the premium Darkglass B7K and Parallax from Neural DSP on the finished presets. However, Loki Bass 2 will give you a pretty large selection of mix-ready tones as well as the ability to tweak them to your liking.

The sound of the Loki Bass 2 will vary depending on the preset you choose. A clean DI will only give you the rawest possible sound of the Dingwall NG2 samples, which still does not prevent it from being very clear and pronounced.

Loki Bass 2 is a versatile, easy-to-use plugin that gives you quality metal bass guitar tones. It has all the necessary styles of play and articulation and the ability to configure various options to your liking. Another advantage of the plugin is the five mix-ready tones and a clean DI if you want to process the bass sound in your way.

Ample Metal Ray5 is a sample library of the famous Stingray 5 bass guitar from Earnie Ball Music Man, released in 2009. This bass has its characteristic aggressive tone and volume, which makes it perfect for metal music.

QuickBass by United Plugins is designed to help you get the job done faster. This plugin has plenty of tweaking options to help you shape your tone the way you like it. This all-in-one software can take your bass line, do EQ, compress it, and let it easily cut through the mix. All the variety of settings makes this plugin versatile for use in almost every genre, including metal.

The plugin was released in 2017. The development itself was four years. This 7-string virtual instrument includes full effects rack, a library of patterns in all styles of metal. All in all, there were 10,000 samples recorded on quality equipment.

However, despite many samples and settings, you can still hear in the sound of this plugin that it is a MIDI instrument. There is a specific robotic thing. But do not take this as a disadvantage. It can be perfect for industrial or electronic music, where you need a transparent and heavy electric guitar.

The assortment of drum samples and VST plugins on their website includes six items: the first and second versions of KVLT Drums and RIOT Drums, Dieswitch Drums, and Northern Artillery Drums. Also, there are many drum MIDI packs of any style, such as Skate Punk, Grindcore, Deathcore, Melodeath, Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Industrial, Progressive, Nu Metal, and many more.

The developers claim that KVLT Drums 2 is a drum sample library created to cover all 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s underground metal drum sounds. The samples have an unpolished beauty and a raw, natural sound. So this is what makes it an excellent alternative to the industry standard of drum samples libraries.

Kristian Kohle is a well-known German metal producer and musician. A few years ago, he and Klirrton company developed the real physical Grindstein guitar preamp. It is a two-channel unit, where you can mix classic old-school Swedish HM2 tones and more modern ones.

This plugin can give you everything you need, from vintage Swedish Death metal, through Florida Death metal tones, all the variety of fuzz guitar tones, to something that sounds more modern. But still, it will be dirty and exciting.

Klirrton Grindstein is an absolute monster, a brutal and dirty-sounding guitar plugin that will not leave the valid price of metal tones indifferent. It is definitely based on many years of experience of Kristian Kohle himself, a very talented metal producer who knows his stuff.

The release of the Archetype: Gojira plugin in early 2021 was a tangible furor, both among fans of this French metal band, musicians, and metal producers alike. This software got three amplifiers and three cabinets that you can combine.

Russian company Mercuriall has created some wonderful plugins that have not left musicians and producers indifferent in recent years. For example, you can find emulations of ENGL E530 preamp, Bogner Ecstasy 101B, Marshall tube amps, and others. In addition, Mercuriall provides some plugins for free, which is a great credit to them.

Many remember the legendary Boss Metal Zone pedal. It was one of the most affordable distortions and brought up more than one generation of metal guitarists. This sound is available in the form of the MT-A Metal Area plugin from Mercuriall entirely for free.

With MT-A Metal Area, you can get the nastiest guitar tones suitable for extreme subgenres of metal. But still, the plugin can give you less distorted tones for rock and alternative music as well. Just find the right balance with the Dist knob.

BOD 3 Bass Overdrive will be a real boon to amateur musicians and those involved in music production. Thanks to this free plugin, you will quickly get everything you need for a good bass metal tone.

Brute plugin can be helpful, both for amateurs and professional musicians and producers. Professionals recorded the drum samples of this software, so the sound quality here is relatively high. Therefore, you can create and both your demos and ready-made compositions.

Die Firma Ample Sound ist für ihre virtuellen Gitarren- und Bass-Plug-ins bekannt. Jetzt reduzieren sie den Preis der drei Klangerzeuger Ample Bass Metal Ray5 II, Ample Metal Eclipse III und Ample Metal Hellrazer. Damit könnt ihr einfach und effektiv Gitarren-Riffs, Loops und einzelne Noten über einen MIDI-Controller oder ein Keyboard abfeuern. Die eingesetzten Samples basieren auf ebenso bekannten Gitarren, wie zum Beispiel einer 9-saitigen Schecter Hellraiser, einer ESP Eclipse oder einem StingRay 5 Classic.

A novel approach is presented for near real-time earthquake alarms for critical structures at distributed locations using real-time estimation of response spectra obtained from near free-field motions. Influential studies dating back to the 1980s identified spectral response acceleration as a key ground motion characteristic that correlates well with observed damage in structures. Thus, monitoring and reporting on exceedance of spectra-based thresholds are useful tools for assessing the potential for damage to facilities or multi-structure campuses based on input ground motions only. With as little as one strong-motion station per site, this scalable approach can provide rapid alarms on the damage status of remote towns, critical infrastructure (e.g., hospitals, schools) and points of interests (e.g., bridges) for a very large number of locations enabling better rapid decision making during critical and difficult immediate post-earthquake response actions. Real-time calculation of PSA exceedance and alarm dissemination are enabled with Bighorn, a module included in the Antelope software package that combines real-time spectral monitoring and alarm capabilities with a robust built-in web display server. Examples of response spectra


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