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Where To Buy Rotisserie Chicken Near Me

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Where To Buy Rotisserie Chicken Near Me

Plus, who can resist the golden-brown skin and tantalizing aroma of the deli's rotisserie chicken. Slowly spit-roasted to perfection, these juicy birds are a boon to everyone who has ever been hungry and tired. They're convenient and affordable, relatively healthy (skin and sodium notwithstanding), and incredibly versatile. Even if you're not eating it off the bone, there are incredibly fast, weeknight-worthy recipes out there that call for a fresh rotisserie chicken, like chicken soups, chicken salad, fajitas, pulled sandwiches, and more.

But are they all created equal Is one just as good as another And are the premium-priced chickens really worth twice as much as the value brands We visited two major supermarket chains, two "healthy" markets, and two budget-friendly stores to find out. We rated each chicken on visual appeal, taste, and price to find the best option. Read on to find out which rotisserie chicken is truly the best tasting, starting with our least favorite. The answer will surprise you! And for more, check out the One Major Side Effect of Eating Rotisserie Chicken, Says Science.

This was one of the worst rotisserie chickens I have ever brought back from a store and would be best repurposed into another recipe as opposed to being eaten on its own. At the highest price point, I expected excellence. However, this chicken fell short in every possible way, from visual appeal to taste to value.

At the time of tasting, my Kroger store was out of their standard deli rotisserie chicken and only had this upgrade, which comes in a plastic bag instead of a tray. While the plastic bag is more eco-friendly than the bulky tray, rotisserie chickens don't do well in them. Condensation built up in the bag and made the skin soggy and spongy.

This three-pound behemoth chicken is known as one of America's best values. It is an infamous loss leader for Costco, earning it a cult following as the default rotisserie chicken to buy. In the past, I've found it less than dependable for quality, even if the flavor is reliably fantastic. It's a crapshoot whether the chicken you choose has weird spongey injections in between the big muscle groups, resulting in gloopy, wet, and mealy meat.

Did you know you can get a whole cooked chicken for even less than the Costco $5 option I sure didn't, but that was only the first of the many pleasant surprises from my Walmart Supercenter's deli. This 1-pound, 13-ounce chicken comes with a "Freshness Guarantee" and having scored mine just an hour out of the rotisserie, it definitely delivered.

I didn't expect much from this pale, unglamorously packaged chicken from Sprouts, but it emerged triumphant as the clear winner from the first bite. It's labeled as a roasted chicken, but the rotating rotisserie at the deli begs to differ. It all becomes a matter of irrelevant semantics as the 1 1/2-pound chicken I picked up had a distinctly flame-kissed, charred earthy flavor that rocketed it to a solid first place.

The breast meat was meaty and tender, and the tenderloin held onto its distinctive sweeter flavor. Every bite was juicy, not gummy or stringy, including dark meat. The thigh and leg were also rich and flavorful, and again, more smoky than gamey. This was a quality chicken through and through, with obvious care taken to its recipe development, spice blend, and preparation. If I could eat only one rotisserie chicken ever again, this would hands down be it.

This bird was moderately priced at $8.99 and a manageable size for a rotisserie chicken at under 2 pounds. The ingredients made sense: chicken rubbed with salt, paprika, sugar, turmeric, onion and garlic powder, and natural smoke flavor.

If I want another rotisserie chicken, I'm going to Safeway. The skin was so tasty that I ended up wrapping pieces of it around my chicken bites. I also grew up eating this rotisserie chicken, and now it makes sense why.

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