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Raymond E Feist Books Epub Torrent [UPDATED]

Raymond E Feist Books Epub Torrent ===>

Raymond E Feist Books Epub Torrent [UPDATED]

one of the most exciting fantasy authors i have read for a long time is the ever-exciting china miéville. his recent books have been absolutely fantastic, and his new the city and the city series is a modern masterpiece. i had been looking forward to this book for a while, and i was not disappointed. described as a blend of the dark tower and the matrix, i loved it, and i want more. i cannot wait to see what the next book is all about, as this is easily one of the best fantasy books i have read in years, if not ever. the book is set in a futuristic world that has been divided up into cities, and the two cities that are the focus of this series are the city of besźel and the city of ul qoma. the book features a group of characters who are students in a university who find out that they are being forced into an event that will lead to the destruction of both cities. the book then moves to a much different setting, as a group of people are stranded in ul qoma, and they eventually realise that they are in a different city to the one they were in before. both settings are full of conflict, intrigue and action, and while the characters dont really fit into any of the familiar fantasy archetypes, they are nonetheless compelling and powerful. it was a great read and i cannot wait for the second book.

with the fairly limited release window for most of these books, i will try to cover as many as i can, but i may run out of steam before the year is out. as such, i will only be doing this list once a month, with a new post coming on the last wednesday of every month. 3d9ccd7d82


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