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K: Seven Stories Movie 2: Side: Blue - Tenrou No Gotoku ##TOP## Download Di Film Mp4


The movie follows Gouki Zenjo, the former right-hand man of Jin Habari, the previous Blue King who died in the Kagutsu Incident. Zenjo returns to work for SCEPTER 4, now led by Reisi Munakata, the new Blue King. He has to deal with his past trauma, his loyalty to his former king, and his relationship with his new comrades. Meanwhile, Munakata faces a challenge from Nagare Hisui, the Green King, who wants to overthrow the current system of kings and clans.

K: Seven Stories Movie 2: Side: Blue - Tenrou no Gotoku download di film mp4


The movie is a good addition to the K franchise, as it explores the backstory and personality of Zenjo, one of the most mysterious and badass characters in the series. It also shows how Munakata became the Blue King and how he handles his responsibilities and ideals. The movie has some impressive action scenes, especially the final confrontation between Munakata and Hisui. The animation and art style are consistent with the previous works of GoHands studio, which means they are colorful and stylish. The voice acting and music are also well-done, with angela providing the opening and ending themes.

However, the movie also has some flaws. For one thing, it is very short, only lasting for an hour. This means that some aspects of the story and characters are not fully developed or explained. For example, we dont get to see much of the other members of SCEPTER 4, such as Fushimi or Awashima. We also dont get to learn much about Hisuis motives or plans, or why he is so powerful. The movie also assumes that the viewers are familiar with the previous events and terms of the K universe, so it might be confusing for newcomers or casual fans.

Download Link

If you want to watch K: Seven Stories Movie 2: Side: Blue - Tenrou no Gotoku on your device, you can download it in MP4 format from this link. The file size is about 400 MB and the resolution is 1280x720. The audio is in Japanese and there are English subtitles available. You can use any media player that supports MP4 files to play it.

We hope you enjoy watching this movie and appreciate its contribution to the K story. If you want to watch more movies from the K: Seven Stories project, you can check out our other articles on this website.

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The movies are directed by Shingo Suzuki, who also directed the original K anime series and its sequel, K: Return of Kings. The movies are produced by GoHands studio, which is known for its distinctive and vibrant animation style. The movies feature the same cast of voice actors as the anime series, as well as some new additions. The movies also have original songs by angela, who performed the opening and ending themes for the anime series.

Why You Should Watch K: Seven Stories

If you are a fan of the K anime series, you should definitely watch K: Seven Stories, as it will give you more insight and enjoyment of the K universe. You will get to see more of your favorite characters, as well as some new ones. You will get to learn more about their backgrounds, motivations, relationships, and struggles. You will get to witness more exciting and emotional moments that will make you laugh, cry, or cheer. You will get to appreciate the beautiful and unique art and music that make K stand out from other anime.

If you are not a fan of the K anime series, or if you have not watched it yet, you should still give K: Seven Stories a try, as it might surprise you with its quality and charm. You might find yourself intrigued by the complex and mysterious plot that involves kings, clans, swords, powers, and secrets. You might find yourself attached to the diverse and charismatic characters that have their own personalities, goals, and flaws. You might find yourself immersed in the stunning and dynamic visuals that create a vivid and immersive atmosphere. You might find yourself hooked by the catchy and expressive songs that enhance the mood and tone of the story.

In conclusion, K: Seven Stories is a project that deserves your attention and appreciation, whether you are a fan or not. It is a project that showcases the creativity and passion of the people behind it. It is a project that delivers an entertaining and satisfying experience for the viewers. It is a project that celebrates the beauty and power of anime. c481cea774


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