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One of the greatest gifts we receive from our yoga practice is that irreplaceable feeling of pure bliss that we are afforded after practice. And in practice, what we are truly doing is balancing out effort and ease, the well-known yoga concept of sthira and sukha.

The Ratnagotra focuses on the buddha nature present in all sentient beings, which is eternal, blissful, unconditioned and originally pure. This buddha nature is obscured by defilements, but when they are removed, the buddha nature is termed dharmakaya, the ultimate Buddha body. The buddha nature is what is referred to as the "jewel disposition" or "jeweled lineage" (ratnagotra) of the Buddhas. The RGVV often quotes from various tathāgatagarbha sutras and comments on them. The Ratnagotravibhāga is an important and influential text in Tibetan Buddhism and was also important for the Huayan school.[4]

The text consists of about 430 Sanskrit verses with a prose commentary (vyākhyā) that includes substantial quotations from tathāgatagarbha oriented sutras (amounting to up to one third of the RGVV).[44]

An important schema in which the RGVV (as well as buddha nature sutras like the Śrīmālādevī Siṃhanāda) present the dharmakāya (the buddha nature freed of defilement) is through its four perfected qualities (guṇapāramitā) of eternity (nitya), bliss (sukha), Self (ātman) and purity (śuddha).[74] These qualities are described as results (phala) of the tathāgatagarbha.[77] The four qualities are also explained as being reversals of the four misperceptions (viparyāsā), that is, perceiving samsaric phenomena as being pure, self, blissful and unchanging. The RGVV explains that when applied to samsaric phenomena, these are indeed misperceptions, but when applied to the dharmakaya, they are actually correct perceptions.[78]

The secondary title for this work, Uttaratantraśāstra, highlights the text's claim that buddha-nature teachings represent the final, definitive and highest (Sanskrit: uttara) teachings (tantra) of the Buddha, in contrast to the earlier teachings on emphasizing emptiness, such as those contained in the Prajñāpāramitā sutras.[88]

Heyam Dukham AnagatamThis week, as I practised yoga with my son, I decided to share one of my favorite quotes with him from Patanjali's book of Yoga Sutra. From Chapter 2, verse 46 says, Heyam Dukham Anagatam. Meaning, avoid the suffering which is about to come. On the mat, avoid the poses that may give you pain or may result in an injury if you are not ready for it. Off the mat, avoid situations and people who may be the source of dukha or suffering in your life. Ask yourself these questions today and often in context with this verse: What is the cause of my sufferingHow can I avoid it or lessen itWhat can I do to increase sukha or ease in my lifeFew things that have worked for me are being out in the Nature and simply witnessing.Try looking at other people the way you look at the trees, without any judgement.Recognize people and situations that cause feelings of dis-ease in the body e.g, news/ politics and then take firm decision to avoid them. Smile! It works :-)I have maintained a daily personal practice for past 12 years. I try to follow and reflect the teachings of Yoga Sutra not only in my daily Sadhana but also in my teaching style. Please join me for a mindful asana practice whenever you can. I look forward to seeing you and your loved ones in my zoom classes. I teach 7 classes every week and you can attend all of them with your monthly pass. I have the same zoom link for all my classes. I send out an email before each class to share the theme of the class. We do poses with focus on different body parts, different functions of the body and different thought processes related to the teachings of Yoga Sutra. I can also share recordings of some classes so you can watch them in your own time. Here's my class schedule:Tuesdays11:15-12:15 Yoga 101Wednesdays9:15-10 Pranayama & Chakra Meditation3-4pm - Yoga NidraThursdays9:15-10:15


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